No time to put a picture here.  Anyway, the big excitement on Sunday was going to the Braves vs. Diamondbacks baseball game.  I remembered that I didn’t have my employee badge right after I’d gotten on the freeway, so I had to pay for parking and park farther away than I’d planned.  The ballpark was pretty nice; very few obstructions and lots of video screens everywhere so you never missed anything.  The concession stands all had TVs tuned to the broadcast behind the counters, so if you were waiting in line for a hot dog, you could still watch the game.

The D-Backs pitching was pretty terrible, and their offense was also fairly lackluster.  It was 9-1 Braves when I left at the top of the 7th.  Then I found out that they totally change the traffic pattern downtown when there’s a baseball game, so I had to take the long way back to the freeway.  Ah well.

Then went to Nathan’s place, where we had Rock Band (Classic Rock Track Pack).  That was interesting. Almost everyone was there, including Trevor, who hasn’t been going to trivia for the last couple of months.  Caught up on everyone’s lives.  I don’t know how many times “That’s what she said!” was repeated, but it was a lot. Spencer’s going to be teaching theatre to 7..12 year-old kids at a summer camp soon.  He will learn how much patience he has, that’s for sure.