headline from the Ohio Farmer, Roots and Rape for SheepLanguage change can bring unintentional hilarity, as seen in this image from the June 23, 1898 issue of the Ohio Farmer.

Sunday, some people from Fetch Pet Care of Tempe/Mesa came by to take a look at Moira and pick up the house keys. They’ll be taking care of her next week while I’m visiting the family in Michigan. Having professionals do this will be more expensive than having friends watch her, but this is for an entire week. I’m not sure I could put John and/or Kelli out for that much time when I already had John watch Moira for 2 days this month.

In work-type news, the boss is on mandatory furlough this week. And I’m on call this week. This means I get paged if a machine fails at 2am and stuff stops working. Oh joy. Well, that’s part of life when you work doing the programming/sysadmin things that I do.