yo dawg, we put a function in your function so you can derive while you deriveIt was only a matter of time before someone combined silly Net memes with bad math jokes and produced what you see to the left.

Got to read Schlock Mercenary: The Scrapyard of Insufferable Arrogance. It’s pretty good. Schlock and Tagon’s Toughs sell some bad guys into slavery, take on some slave traders, participate in a CSI parody, and find out what everyone’s favorite artificial intelligence has been up to. Not an enormous amount of interesting stuff going on at work, actually, although I have now eaten lunch out 3 times this week. Sigh. Well, I forgot my lunch at home on Wednesday, and everyone wanted to go out today.

I’ve added the new Schlock book to the library, but haven’t reviewed it yet. I’ve also put in reviews for all the books in David Zindell’s Neverness series, which was snubbed by most critics as far as I can tell. The books have flaws—huge, gaping flaws. I still think they’re worth reading, though you may not be able to find them easily in your local library.