OK, I can’t think of anything that would work as a picture for this entry. Anyway: Friday, I got on the plane, and everything was fine. About 20 minutes after takeoff, the captain said, “Um, someone left a valve open. This means all the water we had in our tanks has drained out. This means that the water faucets in the bathrooms don’t work, and we can’t make coffee.” So it wasn’t absolutely fatal, just really annoying.

Marcus picked me up when I landed in Detroit. John wasn’t available yet, so we hung out at Marcus’s place, then walked over to Marcus’s lab. Computational chemistry and working with RNA and DNA are less interesting than regular organic chemistry, or at least the instruments and chemicals used for the former are less likely to blow up in an exciting way.

Then Marcus’s girlfriend Elaina (possibly spelled wrong) came back from shopping, and we all sat around the apartment for a while. They’re still in the process of moving in, so there were a bunch of boxes everywhere and a temporary table made from boxes. John was going to be late, so we decided to eat without him at a place called Honest John’s near Wayne State. Dinner was both good and cheap. We also got to hear Elaina’s view of what’s wrong with medical school as it currently exists in the USA. Apparently, there’s far too much emphasis on memorizing a ton of unrelated information as quickly as possible, with no effort to put all this info into a useful framework. And there’s no time to assimilate the info you learn before you have to learn yet more stuff. I’ve never been to med school, so I can’t tell whether that’s true or not, but it certainly sounds like it might be.

That was about it for Friday. Lots more happened on Saturday, but that’ll be covered next entry.