guinea pig driving carSunday, I got up way too early, then woke John up. He drove me to the airport. I got to the ticket counter, checked in, got my boarding pass, and started to go through security. Then I realized that my wallet was missing. I called John. My wallet was in the back seat, as it had fallen out of my pocket when I’d gotten out of the car. Fortunately, there was enough time for him to drive back to the airport and drop off my wallet. I barely made it through security and onto the plane in time, though.

Not a whole lot else happened on Sunday or Monday. Tuesday, not a whole lot happened either, but for some reason we all wanted to go out to lunch instead of eating at our desks.

Trivia: Everybody including Trevor was there. Nathan spent the weekend in Rocky Point with some crazy people who put the “fun” in “functional alcoholic”, some jet skis, and some 4-wheelers. Kelli’s annoyed at her exercise program. John’s still the best of us at making horrible puns. We were trailing pretty badly when I left, but what the heck.