it's definitely time for a big boy bedSometimes, you have to realize that you’re too fat to fit in those old clothes.

Trivia: We had a really hard time deciding on a team name. “It’s like watching retards fight” was apparently too offensive. We went with “Mohorovic Discontinuity” to see how the quizmaster would mispronounce it. The big excitement in everyone’s lives is that Spencer’s sister has had baby #2, and that Miguel is having some sort of party on July 4 in California. I’m not sure if I can attend that or not. Sarah and Nathan work for the public school system, so they’ve essentially got very little to do from now until August. We all wondered why a British reality TV show was the main topic on Larry King. The only thing that makes sense is “ratings”. People love it when a contestant shows up, sings a few songs well, gets millions of YouTube hits, then has a nervous breakdown. We were in second place when I left.