woman with Glock and T-shirt saying 'No I will not fix your computer' The book I was reading on the bus on Monday, The Pentagon’s New Map: Blueprint for Action, has an odd word choice in it. The author constantly refers to combat forces who are actively shooting enemies or blowing up buildings as “Leviathan”, and refers to military forces who are building infrastructure, acting as police, and winning the hearts and minds of an occupied territory as “Sysadmin Corps”.

Of course, in my line of work, sysadmins are the people who make sure the computers keep running. A real life Sysadmin Corps would have to include a bunch of people like the woman pictured to the right. I’m not really far enough into the book to judge it, though, since it had a long preface and intro.  The author’s main thesis seems to be that the USA spends a lot of money on shooting bad guys, and comparatively little money on making sure the toilets work and the roads are clear once the bad guys have been shot.

The author has a point.  However, I’m not sure that his proposed solution for all this would ever work.  He thinks there should be yet another Cabinet level department, the “Department of Global Security”, which would be in charge of creating a framework for nation building and world peace in the future sitting on their fat butts and getting paid for writing presentations. The first is what should happen, the second is what will happen. Well, the author has spent most of his life in close proximity to government, so he probably is not as aware of how horribly it can fail as the average taxpayer is.