lolcat saying 'OUT'Caturday, and the cats are obviously displeased about something.

Reasonably normal Friday, mostly.  We all went out for lunch, sat in front near the windows and front door, and a pigeon wandered into the building.  It scurried around under our table for a couple of minutes until the staff chased it outside again.

And then, while I was waiting for the afternoon bus, other stuff happened. A guy asked some of the other people waiting at the bus stop for money. He started to ask me for money, and I interrupted what he was saying with, “Sorry.” He took offense to this and demanded that I let him finish what he was saying before dismissing him, and was very loud about it. He was about my height, shabbily dressed, had bad teeth, looked a little out of his mind, but was not obviously high on anything. I didn’t know what he was going to do, though. I said, “Sorry, I don’t have any money for you,” again, and pointed up the street. I’m not going to give any panhandlers any money, no matter what. I wasn’t sure if he was going to get violent, but I wished I had a weapon a bit more effective than a Swiss Army Knife all the same.

Fortunately for everyone, he took the hint and left. One of the women waiting at the bus stop said, “I’m sorry you had to experience that. This is why panhandling should be illegal.” right after that. Kind of a strange way of saying it, but OK. I am not sure why bums seem to want to beg from me, though. Hm. There’s a McDonald’s in the U.S. Airways Center near downtown. . . wonder if I can pick up some of those $1 McDonald’s gift certificates to offer bums in the future.