two-headed cat, I'm of two minds and neither one likes youCaturday, and the two-headed kitties are not all that impressed.

There were a reasonable number of minor work things going on on Friday, but at least the traffic was light. I also finished reading Raising the Stones, which had an OK ending. I don’t agree with all the conclusions Tepper draws in the book, but it was interesting seeing the psychotic religious fanatics getting trapped on a planet full of giant amoebas with Tourette’s Syndrome. The whole premise—better living through a planet-wide fungal growth that wants people to get along with each other—is a bit hard to swallow, though. The Net wasn’t really accessible to ordinary people in 1990, when the book was written. If a network of some type placed everyone in constant contact with everyone else, would it lead to better understanding and harmony? I don’t think it would; I believe there would be *more* dumbassery.

Anyhow. I think I have a way to make the whole library search thing look much better than it does now. When I’ve got it looking good, I’ll post a link.