Moira, with paws outFuzzball, with PAWS OUT. She has been meowing up a storm for the last few days.

Loading the truck at Alex’s worked pretty well. Everything was in boxes, and the furniture wasn’t really terrible. The heaviest thing was the sideboard (buffet, thing you put food on when you’re having a bunch of people over for dinner.) When we were loading the boxes, several of us compared the loading to playing Tetris. Unfortunately, when you get a row of boxes filled, the boxes don’t vanish. Then we had lunch.

After that, I went grocery shopping, or tried to. I got all the way to the front of the line, then realized I didn’t have my wallet. Oops. I went back home, found my wallet sitting on the couch, and went back to the store. That time, when I checked out, the bagger dropped a 12-pack of pop and spilled cans all over the bagging area. That was a lot more excitement and time than a usual grocery shopping trip contains.

Reading Traitors, by Richard Sale. This is a nonfiction look at a number of the most famous or most damaging people who committed treason in the USA. It’s written in an overwrought, popularizing, “Oh wow!!1!” style, but it’s still fascinating to see the details in the lives of Benedict Arnold, Alger Hiss, and John Walker. History, taught properly, can be really really interesting. After reading a few books on popular history, all I can think of is that too many of my history teachers in high school were either not good teachers or were prevented from teaching well thanks to moronic decisions made by the school board.