remove cat from computer x3, just give up alreadyCaturday, and the cat wants to sit on the keyboard. Fuzzball tried to sit on the keyboard when I first got her, but she learned not to after about the tenth time I picked her up and told her, “No!”

Not much happened Friday at work, which is probably a good thing. There was some confusion about where to go for lunch, but we ended up going to the Coney Island place. One of downtown Phoenix’s street preachers was haranguing the public as we left. We also passed by a huge crowd of people who were going to the NRA convention that’s in town this weekend. I wasn’t all that interested in attending, as it’s fairly expensive and they’re not actually selling any guns there.

Late Friday night, some guy who I’d never seen before knocked on my door.  He said, “Hey, I just moved in next door, and I was wondering if you’d like to go to (mumble) with me and my roommate?”  “Um.  No thanks,” I said, and shut and locked the door.  Who would invite someone they didn’t know to an event?  It seemed really suspicious to me.

Alex is moving. I said I’d help out, so I’ll be toting boxes and lifting bales on Sunday morning. Yay, or something.