guinea pigs, one brains, one muscleAlways make sure the team you send out on an operation has some balance.

Been reading I’m not a Racist, But. . ., one academic’s attempt to make sense of the way racism is used and viewed in American society. One thing the author says that I can agree with is that the word “racism” covers a huge range of actions and attitudes, and getting some more specific terms in place would be useful. Unfortunately, the book is kind of boring. I fell asleep while reading it on Sunday, and Thursday, looking out the bus window was almost as interesting as reading the book. Well, in the morning, the bus was held up for almost 5 minutes while a huge convoy of guys on motorbikes went past. They were riding somewhere in support of some POW/MIA group, which was a little more interesting than normal traffic.

The late-night early-morning computer stuff worked out reasonably well. There were some problems, but none that were visible to the end-users, so it was a success. And the problems were mostly due to the documentation missing some stuff, which was easy to fix.