annoyed cat saying 'This is why we can't have nice things' Arrrrrgh. I got a bug report right before leaving work on Wednesday. It was legit, but I couldn’t find it and fix it in the small window of time I have on Wednesday night. I called Steve and canceled the usual get-together. Then I got dinner and tried to fix the problem—which was actually fairly simple once I’d found which tiny section of the bad function was doing the wrong thing.

Of course, I have to do some additional work relatively late at night. Shouldn’t be a problem, unless more stupid things happen. And it’s fairly late, and so far everything’s worked properly. This just means that about 5 minutes after I’ve fallen asleep, something will die horribly, and I’ll have to wake up and grovel through a ton of error logs to find what went wrong and how it needs to be fixed. Well, that’s how we roll here.