owl, saying 'who in the what now?' That’s a really good question, and is not always answered.

So yesterday, I got the iPhone working. This was more difficult than it should’ve been, since I first had to get the old wireless AP out and reconfigure it. That AP is so old that it doesn’t do WPA, only WEP, and the iPhone says it does WEP, yet has no way to input a WEP key—just a “password”, which is completely useless since there are several different ways of translating a password to a 48-bit WEP key. So I had to reconfigure the AP to not use any encryption at all (sigh). Then everything worked.

Thing is, I didn’t find it all that useful or fun to use. It’s really an appliance, not a full-featured computer, with a web browser and a GPS device. Entering data into the device is a complete PITA, because there’s no keyboard. As such, I wouldn’t use an iPhone at home, where I have 2 full-featured computers with actual keyboards and net access. I was surprised at how well this website rendered in the modified Safari that the iPhone has, though. The main use I could see for the device is using the “Maps” application to find stuff and get directions to that stuff while out somewhere with no real computer or Net access. It’d also make a decent e-book reader, though you’d have to write an app for that.

This was an interesting look at the Gospel of Mark, but it’s really, really long. I’ve only read about a third of the article, so I’m not sure what to think about it yet.