Hold onto your horses. Normal service will be resumed shortly.
hold on to your horses--literally
Anyway, the big excitement on Sunday was a small get-together that we had for Alex’s going away in a couple of weeks. We had food and talked, or at least we tried to around Alex and Larry’s young children. I heard tales of hijinks in the agricultural life including cattle snobbery (“We raise Herefords! All them exotic cattle are just modified dairy cattle!!“) and painting a barn using a tractor with a bucket scoop, brakes that didn’t work properly, and a leaky master hydraulic cylinder. OK, when equipment failure happens in the computer business, people are inconvenienced, sometimes people get woken up at 0-dark-thirty, but equipment failure very rarely leads to greivous bodily harm.

And got a chance to try out “Guitar Hero: Metallica”, which has a difficulty level that’s even easier than Easy, which strikes me as less than useful. But whatever. Then heard more stories about a rather odd set of Alex’s more distant family members, including one who’s apparently part of a paranormal research group and who is afraid of Bigfoot.

Back to work Monday. Well, that’s par for the course.