Owl, caption 'Im readin ur books' Rarely is the question asked: Is our owls learning?

Quiet day Monday. Most everyone went out for lunch, which I wasn’t expecting. I’d packed a lunch, of course. Oh well. Then there was a semi-strange problem with an internal website that was doing the wrong thing. That was reasonably easy to fix once I’d figured out what was really going on.

It was Opening Day at the ballpark. Four jets from the nearby Air Force base did a flyby before the game started. The noise surprised all of us. We didn’t really get to watch the game, but we saw the last 2 outs as the D-Backs defeated the Rockies. Yay! The D-Backs are playing the Braves in late May, and I think I can get discounted tickets for that game, so I might have to do that.

For some reason, traffic was horrible Monday afternoon.  It took almost an hour for the bus to get from downtown to my bus stop, when it’s usually more like 30 minutes.  If this is how baseball games affect downtown traffic, I’m glad most of the games are at night.