Guinea pig with sunglasses, caption 'Son, do you know how fast you were going?' Careful. The Fuzz is out there, watching you speed.

Still reading Cyteen. I spent most of Tuesday afternoon doing that, actually, since it’s such a long book. It’s. . . sort of like Dune in the scope of what the author was attempting to do, except slower paced, and with much less stuff blowing up. I thought the story didn’t start to move and groove until Ari (version 2) was introduced around page 150. That’s far too long for most readers to wait for an interesting, sympathetic character to show up. (OK, Justin and Grant were sympathetic, but not interesting enough to carry a long book.) The book depends on Ari v2, which isn’t bad, but the story suffers because it takes too long for her to show up. It’s worth it; the book shows that it’s earned a Hugo later on when the Totally Cool Stuff that could Affect All Of Human Civilization gets explicitly discussed, and the Ari/Justin relationship is pretty interesting.

Trivia: We got to hear all about the drama surrounding Spencer’s graduation. It all sounded like a tempest in a teapot to me, but some people’s families are . . . histrionic. Also heard that Kelli’s work had held a raffle, and that somehow, Kelli had won a riding crop in this raffle. I got to stay til the very end, since I didn’t have to go to work, and we actually won the trivia contest. Yay!