swine, saying 'Ha! Ha! U r all teh pwn3d!' SWINE FLU! OH NOES!

. . .but seriously, even with the threat of a pandemic, normal life went on on Monday. There was a picnic for several departments in the local newspaper on Monday afternoon, which I went to. When the picnic was announced, I didn’t know whether I’d be able to attend, since I’m on furlough this week and am not supposed to do any work. Boss said, “It’s a picnic. We’re not doing any work!” at the last Tuesday meeting, so I had the OK to attend. The irrigation system had had a glitch and been left on too long, so everything except the volleyball field and the picnic tables was about 1″ deep in water, but we persevered. We had chicken, burgers, baked beans, and chips, and talked about camping and hiking up in the mountains. Then they had a raffle, and a couple of my co-workers won $20 gift cards from Target. That was fairly cool.

I left a bit early and went in search of a holster for my revolver. I bought one that worked perfectly. However, it had a flaw: It’s a belt holster, and I don’t have a belt anywhere. I hardly ever wear a belt, and I thought I had a belt in my closet, but I don’t. *sigh*. Well, this is easy to fix.