bird perching on razor wireBird feet are not particularly delicate, but it’s still pretty hardcore for a bird to perch on a razor wire’s razors.

Saturday, the plan was to go to the gun show in the morning, then to Kelli’s birthday lunch. Things went awry pretty early, since Zach didn’t even get to town until 10:30 when he usually gets here at 8:30. But he, Jen, and I all got to the gun show, and were faced with a really long line. I think we waited for at least half an hour to get in. Prices for most things were insane, too—they were selling Romanian AK-47s for $550, when last year, those went for $350. Everyone’s really paranoid, even though the President said, “We’re not going to reinstate the ‘assault weapons’ ban” last week. Well, people want to panic right now, and prices for semiauto firearms will remain high as long as people are panicking.

Since we didn’t have a lot of time, we didn’t get to look at everything and probably missed a lot of stuff. I got a 10/22 magazine and a BoreSnake. Zach got a couple of 10/22 mags and a single-point sling. Jen couldn’t find any .30 carbine mags she liked, but found a sword she liked and bought that. I stopped by a place that had speedloaders, but they had sold all the speedloaders they had which fit my revolver. Ah well. I also had no time to shop for a holster, but I’ll have a bunch of time next week.

Despite skipping about half the gun show, we were almost an hour late for Kelli’s birthday lunch. Oh well. We ate, drank, and talked for a while, and finally got to see Trevor, since he’s stopped attending Trivia Night. It seems like there are a whole bunch of things going on in May, so getting together with everyone may be more difficult then.