wooly bear caterpillar crossing a trailLast weekend, we saw this caterpillar crossing the trail in front of us. I thought it was interesting enough to take a picture, since caterpillars are sort of rare in Phoenix.  (No squirrels, either.)

Saturday afternoon, I was walking to the library when I noticed a truck pull into a nearby parking lot.  The people in the truck got out and ran towards me.  I wondered what was going on, then as they passed me, I looked behind me.  A mattress had fallen off the back of the truck, and was occupying one lane of the road.  They were lucky that this happened to them on a weekend, and not during rush hour.  They got the mattress back on the truck with little traffic disruption, though.

One of the books I got was Sideshow by Sheri S. Tepper. The dust jacket of another book had made Sideshow out to be the first in a trilogy, while other sources say it’s the third.  It’s also connected with Grass in many ways, which I had read about 15 years ago and almost forgotten about until now.  Well, this means I have one book to read after this one, then another one to re-read.