Various problems due to me being really, really tired meant no update yesterday. But I’ve gotten some sleep. So:

The directions to the campsite looked easy. They neglected to mention that the Forest Service roads are dirt/gravel and not that well maintained. Oh well. After 5 miles of washboard road, I finally got there on Saturday just after noon.
mountain in the Coconino National ForestThis is the mountain that was to the southeast of our campsite. I didn’t get any pictures of the campsite itself, but got more pictures of the forest and the hiking trail. Zach and I climbed about 3/4 of the way up this mountain on Saturday, then spent some time hiking along some of the trails in the park. It rained intermittently all day on Saturday, which is not all that common in AZ this time of the year. Sarah didn’t go hiking with us. When we got back to the campsite, Zach built a fire.

The problem was that the fire was too big to fit under the camping grill that I’d brought. I tried to get an old Coleman stove going, with very little success. Zach then looked at the stove and found that it had a leak, which made it almost totally useless. Zach rearranged the fire so we could set the grill up, then we had grilled bratwurst, hot dogs, and reheated chili. Food grilled over an open flame tastes really good if done right. Zach and Sarah roasted marshmallows in the remains of the fire.

By that time, it had gotten dark, and it had started raining. We put the fire out and decided to turn in.