We can't stop here, this is bat country!Caturday! Time to rest from the work week and curl up with Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. Or go camping, which I’ll be doing Saturday. I’ll be unable to do anything computer-related until late Sunday when I get back into town, so there will be no entry tomorrow. Also, I got a text message from Zach Friday night. He said, “Could you pick up some bug spray and bring it tomorrow?” Mosquito repellent is totally essential when camping in Michigan, but I had been assured that there were few if any mosquitoes here in AZ. Hm.

Most of the people on my team worked from home on Friday. Instead of going out for lunch, we went to the cafeteria, where I got a large and tasty meatloaf sandwich for a very reasonable price. Just as Sherry was paying for her food, a cafeteria employee brought out a huge red velvet cake. Sherry said, “I dodged a bullet on that one—that cake looked so good, but the cashier had already rung me up.”

Then I fixed a number of stupid problems with an internal web app, handled a few trouble tickets, and saw just about everyone leave half an hour early. So many people had the day off that traffic on I-10 was really light, and the bus dropped me off 10 minutes earlier than it usually does. Yay!