cat, caption I made me a cookie.  AND YOU EATED IT.Thursday was really annoying in that I got a call, probably from work, while on my way to the store. Traffic was heavy enough that I couldn’t get the phone out of my pocket before they stopped calling. I figured that they would call back or call someone else if it was really important. So I shopped as quickly as I could, then drove back as quickly as I could so I could check my e-mail and find out what it was all about.

Imagine my surprise when there was no mail at all. Whatever whoever it was was trying to contact me about must not have been important. All that annoying stress for nothing at all. Getting a trouble ticket is part of my job, but is it too much to ask for those tickets to be actual problems worth responding to? Argh.

We also went out for lunch on Thursday, which we don’t usually do. I forget who suggested that, but it was a nice change of pace.