helicopter-mounted giant chainsawsYou just don’t see that many truly bizarre weapons systems in modern warfare. Incendiary bombs strapped to bats are the exception, not the rule.

Trivia: Everybody except Trevor was there. John said that he was disappointed that there were dating sites for Christians, Jews, and people with herpes, but no dating sites for agnostics. “There is a market segment whose needs are not being met. We should put together a business plan and become dot-com entrepreneurs! Or we could drink beer and burn 100-dollar bills—it’d end up about the same way,” I said. “Sounds good. Can we get vulture capital?” Nathan replied. “Maybe if we get the vulture capitalists drunk on beer.” We then speculated on what the best domain name would be for a dating site for people with herpes.

I’ve always wondered what went on inside trolls’ heads. A journalist investigated a couple of reasonably well-known trolls over a year ago. OK, this is a journalist, not someone who knows anything about the Net and the subcultures you find there, but the content of the article made me want to smack the interviewees upside the head for being a couple of @#$^knobs.  Behavior modification through negative reinforcement doesn’t work well in most cases, and the only thing these trolls offer to the people they’re berating is negative reinforcement. If there were enough money and time, I’d like to have both of the interviewees in that article evaluated by psychiatrists, and then committed to institutions if they were found to be sociopaths.  However, this is not going to happen, so these . . . wastes of skin will continue to defecate on people for their own personal amusement.

Makes me weep for the future of humanity, it does.