.38 derringerSunday, the big thing was going out to the Casa Grande gun range with Zach, Steve, Bob, and Roger. We had a large number of rifles and pistols. Zach had most of his Mosin-Nagant rifles, which satisfied everyone’s need for high power. I had my 10/22 and .357 Mag. Roger had an SKS (which wasn’t working for some obscure reason), a compact .357, and a tiny .38 derringer. I tried the .38 derringer. Its trigger pull was insane, and it kicked like a mule because it was so small and light. I was much happier with my .357 or Zach’s .22 Mag revolver. I think I’ve gotten used to my .357; the weight of the medium frame offsets the kick nicely.

Zach, after putting a few magazines through my 10/22, said, “I have decided I need to own one of these things.” Well, they’re fairly cheap, they’re fun, and ammunition for them is cheap. I can’t blame him, really, because I decided to buy one after putting a few magazines through Teh Nacho’s 10/22.  (“It’s the ciiiircle of *BLAM*!”)

Then we had lunch, and Zach told us all about the crazy things that Yoopers who are working as boiler inspectors in East Texas get up to. Apparently, Yoopers are highly valued in certain industrial jobs, because they are often smaller than average and can get into more places, and they can also drink immense quantities of cheap beer. We also griped about how management can be utterly stupid.

Went home, then did the less-than-fun but necessary part of shooting guns: Cleaning guns.