cereal portCereal port? Yeah, we’ve got that.

Trivia: We all heard about Kelli’s plan to play a practical joke on her manager, which, if executed correctly, should make her manager’s head explode. Spencer and Patti want to get two black corgis and name them “Wesley” and “Snipes”. Or possibly “Strumpet” and “Crumpet”. Also heard about Sarah’s trials and tribulations with her kindergarten class, made plans for going shooting on Sunday, and lent Nathan Iron Council. That book isn’t as good as The Scar or Perdido Street Station, but it has its moments. I was surprised to hear that Nathan hadn’t read any of Iain M. Banks’s work, since Nathan reads almost as much as I do and has similar tastes in literature.

The big excitement for Wednesday is that a bunch of us are going to a spring training game in the afternoon. This is a work-sanctioned event and sort of a tradition. Unfortunately, the Braves aren’t playing, it’s Oakland and the Cubs. Oh well, seeing a baseball game for very little money is always a good thing.