puppy on rocking chair, caption 'one time I rocked so hard it killed a man' Wednesday, the big excitement was of course going to Steve’s and doing the usual Rock Band thing. We figured out that “We Got the Beat” was one of the songs on the damaged area of the disc, and playing that song was not a good idea. Also, the novelty of the game seems to have worn off for the kids, as they both quit after only an hour and a half. Well, it’s been a month or 2 since I’ve gotten any new songs, so this is only to be expected.

What else. . . not a lot. Saturday is the last chance I’ll have to go to the Ren Faire this year. Not sure whether to go or not, since it’ll take all day, cost money, and most of my friends went a month ago while I was in Vegas, and won’t want to go again. Eh. I’ll see how I feel that morning.