rat on top of cat, caption 'how I steer this thing?' Riding a cat may not be the easiest thing in the world. This rat seems to be up to the challenge, though.

Pretty lazy Saturday. Did laundry and grocery shopping and various chores. Sunday should be more interesting; Kelli’s parents are having a joint 50th birthday party celebration in the afternoon. I plan to go and hang out there for a few hours. It should be fun.

Been reading Life After Life, written by a guy who was in the Black Panthers before that organization collapsed. The author was born in the early 1950s, dealt with serious racism and racial discrimination despite having good parents and a middle-class upbringing, joined the Black Panthers, and then did a number of really stupid things. It’s interesting even though I’m only 1/3 of the way through it. The author’s actions so far strike me as totally naive in many ways. He doesn’t seem to exhibit any cynicism at all towards the leadership of the Panthers. This could be due to his youth at the time (he was 17 when he joined), but could also be due to the time when this story takes place. After Watergate and many other scandals, anyone who trusts a political leader to do anything other than follow the money and benefits is a complete fool—but people were more trusting back then.

Also, the author does some rather stupid things with firearms. He talks about buying a pump-action shotgun and loading it with birdshot for “home defense”. This is really stupid. Birdshot can inflict a nasty superficial wound on a human, but it will not stop a determined attacker. The book also seems to gloss over quite a few things, and treat many interesting events as places to be briefly visited rather than explored in depth. I wonder whether the editor had a length requirement to fit or something.