cat on bed, looking peeved, caption 'HMMPH' It’s Caturday, and this kitty is seriously peeved.

Friday: The big excitement involved a spam filter that was being far too zealous and eating mail that was legit. I wish I could say I played a larger role in fixing the problem than I did. My co-workers did most of the work, while I helped a bit. Most of what I did was boring things that needed to be done anyway, but were not flashy. We also went out to lunch (again), which is always fun. I had a meal that looked like a stromboli, but others who got similar things described as “a pizza inside a burrito”. Whatever.  It was tasty.

Currently reading How Race is Lived in America, a book which is a compilation of NYT articles investigating what people think and do about racial issues.  So far, I’ve read the first 2 chapters, about a Pentecostal church in Georgia that started out mostly white, but got a lot of black people joining it for various reasons, and about a couple of friends from Cuba, one black, one white, who wet-footed it to Miami in 1994 and had vastly different experiences.

One part from the second story doesn’t ring true:  The black Cuban guy takes $6000 to a bank, and wants to use that money to purchase a certificate of deposit.  The teller says, “What?  But you people always want to spend that money, not save it.”  That seems insanely weird to me—banks seriously want people to deposit money in CDs and savings accounts.  I’d think a teller who discouraged a customer from taking out a CD would get A Serious Talk with the manager.  But then, it’s Florida, and there is more stupidity in Florida than there is in many other places.

Is it time to get out the pitchforks and torches yet? Farking bastiges.