Wednesday was reasonably normal except for the bus ride to work.  Then, someone noticed that there was a bad accident on US-60 west, so they said, “Go around!  Take the surface streets to I-10!” to the driver.  He did this, which ended up saving a ton of time. We all gave the driver a round of applause.  Then worked, took the bus home, then went over to Steve’s for the usual Wednesday night get-together. It was slightly different this time because both of his sons are on spring break right now, so they weren’t there. This meant we could play Rock Band without having to play “Still Alive” or “Welcome Home”, their two favorite songs.

Final battle from Chrono TriggerIn other video game news, one of the songs from Chrono Trigger has been stuck in my head for the last couple of days for some reason. Sigh. Well, it could be a lot worse.