fluffy bunny, caption 'Furcation' A couple of people at work were on furcation this week, and another couple of them are on furcation next week. It’s a good thing that there hasn’t been a major crisis or anything.

Anyway, on Friday, we all went out to lunch. Nobody wanted to eat at the Mexican place that has good nachos, so we went to Pizzeria Uno, which is a little bit closer and has more variety. We got food and heard all about Dan’s ongoing adventures with a horde of scorpions that have invaded his house. Even though he has 4 cats, he spends a couple of nights a week patrolling the grounds with a blacklight, looking for scorpions to squish. He said he’s started a blog that tells how to deal with scorpions and exposes many scorpion myths. I said, “The Mythbusters need to do a special episode about scorpions, then.”

When it came time to pay up, almost everyone wanted to pay with a credit card. And no one had a pen. I had to pull out my Swiss Army Cybertool and get the pen out so that people could sign their credit receipts. Strangely enough, not that many Swiss Army Knives come with pens. Toothpicks and tweezers are standard, but pens are not.