cat with mice climbing all over it, caption 'FAIL' Cats are actually not pure instinctual hunters. If they aren’t trained by their mothers early on, they tend to be really bad at catching prey. Maybe that’s what happened here.

Wednesday had fairly normal work stuff. “Oh no, there aren’t any images showing up for this project!” “Let me take a look at it. . . no, no images will show up, because nobody has uploaded any. We’ll be cool when someone does that.” They did, and everything was groovy. Then right before I left, I got another request for something that could have been really complicated (editing a PDF.) Fortunately, it was a simple PDF, so I was able to fix it.

Then the usual Wednesday night family get-together at Steve’s. He’d TiVoed a short segment from some show called “Extreme Wreckreation” or something like that, which showed a bunch of people using homemade Tannerite to destroy washing machines, refrigerators, and cars. That looked interesting, although the show gave no specifics about the explosives’ formulation. Then we played a bunch of Rock Band. The kids really like “Welcome Home” by Coheed and Cambria for some reason.