cat with pint of GuinnessDespite the picture, cats don’t seem to care that much about beer. It could be because there are few (if any) alcoholic beverages that taste like meat, and meat is all that cats seem to be interested in.

Trivia: We apparently won last week.  Yay!  I finally got my house key back from Kelli, and gave her a token of appreciation for watching Moira (Girl Scout cookies and chocolate.)  Strangely enough, the question “What kind of cigarettes does James Bond smoke?” came up again.  And there’s a plan for going camping this weekend, which I’m not sure if I’ll be able to attend.

Finished reading Life After Life. It’s pretty good, once you get past the author’s astounding political naïveté and his ignorance of firearms. Seriously, the author had a plan to use a .22 shot-shell in an improvised firearm in an attempt to escape from prison. A .22 rat-shot cartridge is not useful against anything larger than a rat, and is barely useful against a rat because the pellets are so small.

Oh well. What made it mostly worthwhile was that it showed that the author could get his act together after horribly screwing up his life in various ways from age 17..25. Then again, he had a supportive family network and some brains and talent. He draws brief pictures of various friends who had neither, and most of those friends ended up strung out on crack and/or in jail for various crimes.