cat chewing on dog, caption 'I shall defeat chu!  Nom nom nom' There was a rather bizarre and almost systematic problem at work on Monday that made me feel a bit like this cat. Every time I saw the problem, I could fix it by hand, but it kept cropping up, even though the frequency decreased as the day went on.

Still reading Life After Life. I find it interesting that the author blamed “the system” for his imprisonment, when he robbed a bank, did several smash-and-grabs on stores, and held a gun to a gas station attendant’s head and demanded money. His behavior through the first half of the book is self-destructive and stupid, and it takes him years of hard prison time and tons of support from outside people to get him acting like a responsible person. I’m 60% of the way through the book, and so far, I think it’s an excellent cautionary tale. “Don’t be a Complete Dumbass when you’re out to Save the World Through Revolutionary Struggle, eh?” would be a good subtitle for the book.

Road construction has added another 5-7 minutes to my home->work commute in the morning.  Management is OK with this, which is a good thing.