cat captioned 'Madness? THIS!  IS!  SPARTA!!!' Somehow, I don’t think that cats could re-enact the battle of Thermopylae. But what the heck, it’s Caturday.

Friday was relatively normal, except for a really stupid phone call that I got. Apparently, years and years ago, some people paid the company some money to do some work. The work got done. The work got moved to a 3rd-party web host months before I started working here. The people were informed of this multiple times, and asked to make sure that their backups and domain registrations were current. You can guess what happened next: The idiots let their domain registration lapse, waited a couple of months before noticing, then called us attempting to blame us and/or make us fix their screwups. What was even worse was that they called me right before we were all supposed to go out to lunch.

This just shows that people who aren’t technical or capable of responding to technical requests should not be allowed to manage websites or domain names. Fortunately, that was the only really annoying thing that happened on Friday. Yay for the weekend!