monorail sealAmphibious monorail? What a concept. I hear that the monorail dog has a lower maintenance cost, anyway.

So Thursday was reasonably boring, right up until the last 30 minutes of work. Then, someone called in a problem which was fairly serious, was affecting users, was totally not obvious, and was in a section of code that I had never messed with. And of course, I was responsible for dealing with it. But after narrowing it down some, I had to get out the door and to the bus. That was kind of nerve-wracking, even though the other people who had come in later were probably able to deal with it. And (of course) traffic was terrible, so it was another hour before I could log in from home and see if the problem was fixed. It was, though it took way too long to verify that and record that fact for the helldesk system. It’s much easier to handle needless drama when it happens at the beginning of a workday instead of at the end.