sign at the Circus Circus casinoThis large, old sign is sure to put anyone who’s scared of evil clowns off their lunch. However, Circus Circus is a bit more like what I’m told Vegas used to be like than the more modern pricy casinos near the southern end of the Strip. You can get a prime rib dinner for $12 there, drinks are cheap, and the decor is tacky.

Anyway, the events of Saturday Feb 28, 2009: I again got up much earlier than Brian and Karen did. I poked around Caesars Palace (again), and found out that there was an FAO Schwarz store there. I also think I found the restaurant where we ate when I was last in Vegas—we had Italian food which was good, if pricy.

Karen really wanted to check out the FAO Schwarz store, so that’s where we went. I think the entire first floor of the store was given over to stuffed animals. That’s fine, but what are you going to do with a 4′ tall stuffed T-Rex, even if it is only $300? Most of the interesting stuff like slot cars, telescopes, and various construction sets was on the third floor. I also saw a line of art supplies and instructional DVDs featuring an animated character called “Alex”, who probably has a half-hour cartoon running on Nick. It’s not enough to create art supplies for children. You also have to create a highly targeted aggressive marketing campaign that makes parents and kids think they need those particular art supplies. It’s a little creepy when you think about it. Fortunately for the marketers, most people don’t think, don’t care that they’re being manipulated, or actively want to be told what to do.

Anyway, after doing some shopping, we returned to the hotel and spent some time watching TV. We were all fairly tired after spending the last 3 days walking almost everywhere. After channel-flipping, Brian found “Air Force One” playing on one channel, so we watched that and poked holes in its plot and/or MST3Ked it.  Brian also wanted to eat at McDonald’s instead of at one of the hundreds of mid- or up-scale restaurants within easy walking distance of the hotel.  So we did that—what the heck, it was cheap.

We then spent some more time gambling.  Both Brian and Karen won some money on various slot machines.  I lost some money.  Oh well.  I sacked out at 11pm (early) because I had to get up early to make my flight.