seriously fluffy bunny, caption 'furcation' The work furlough I have to take starts soon. Hence the captioned bunny.

Friday was relatively quiet, actually. I had a fair number of things to do, but they were all minor. Found some strange bugs and noted them all down so that others could reproduce them and fix them later. Fixed some other minor things that could save us some time later on.

We all went out to lunch at a Coney Island place in downtown Phoenix. Alex came along as well, which was interesting. He’s moving to South Dakota in May, and apparently, his wife’s accepted a position at a church, so they’ll be able to live in the parsonage rent-free. That means he doesn’t have to sell his house here just yet. So we heard all about that, and about the work he’s doing with computer systems that organize, track, and report weather data. It was kind of interesting.

Getting ready for the party on Sunday. I have to run by the grocery store on Saturday and pick up a few things.