Owl saying 'I do not think so' A captioned owl that’s using proper grammar and spelling? OMG NO WAI!

Trivia: was sparsely populated.  No Trevor, no Kelli.  But we made the best of it.  One round consisted of “given these chemical elements, write out the chemical symbol,” which was really easy for me.  Another question said, “What brand of cigarettes did James Bond smoke?”  I thought it wasn’t Dunhills, but no one else could think of anything to put there, so I wrote “Dunhills”, and that was the correct answer.  Hey, if you can’t be good, be lucky.

Work was a little hectic. Meetings, then more struggles with the clueless user that I’ve talked about previously. When you, through your own stupidity, have corrupted an entry in a database, and are unable to provide any diagnostic information at all other than “It doesn’t work! Fix it! Fix it! Am I going to have to call your manager?” then my interest in helping you is roughly zero. I finally fixed the problem, though it was rather non-obvious where it was coming from. 4 or 5 people have hacked on the codebase, and it’s a mess. The same data is stored in 2 different places, or at least it’s supposed to be the same data, but if both places are out of sync. . . . bad things happen. It has a number of hallmarks of being driven by clueless user requirements and hasty fixes. I don’t know if I’ll have the time or the political will from on high to get it into a sane state.