seriously fluffy bunnyThis rabbit obviously knows a thing or two about fur. Work is making almost every employee take one week of unpaid furlough. I heard that some people are calling this a “furcation”, since if you have time off work, why not use it for a vacation?

Early Tuesday morning, Fuzzball barely said a word. She always meows so much that I thought she might be sick. When I got back from work, though, she was as vocal as ever and had eaten most of her food. That’s a relief.

Trivia: I said, “I was thinking that we could make a short zombie movie.” “So where are we going to find a bunch of short zombies?” John replied. We then came up with the idea of using Sarah’s kindergarten students as zombies, and it got progressively sillier from there. In worse news, the Arizona budget SNAFU may mean that Sarah will not have a job next year, since there is so little money for education. I would hope that the first thing the school districts would do is to fire useless and overpaid administrators rather than teachers, but you all know that will never happen. Also, Kelli says her car is cursed. I didn’t get the whole story on that, though. We were in second place when I left.

In a change from the usual Wednesday night thing, Steve and his sons are coming over to my place for dinner instead of me going over to his place. This should be different, but still good.