There’s really not a lot happening. Work was fairly boring, and I’m going to have about double the number of meetings this week as I usually have. No traveling excitement either.

black cat saying 'white man is keeping me down' Moira is so horribly oppressed. I’ve been reading Winning the Race by John McWhorter. His main thesis in the book is that many poor black people in cities are poor not because of racism or lack of jobs, but because of changes in welfare policy in the 1960s and changes in culture that occurred around the same time. Fascinating stuff, even though it’s probably ideologically suspect. I’ll read through the whole book and try to judge how it stands on its own before checking Google/Pickyweedia for what the rest of the world has to say about the guy and his work.

I wonder if I’ll be able to sort the legitimate criticisms of his research from the incoherent wharrgarbl by eyeball.  The trouble with far-reaching social science like what McWhorter’s trying to do is that it’s almost impossible to do repeatable experiments and tests with it.