Jack Black's, Diet Green River, Stewart's Key Lime, and Dr. CaneThese are some of the interesting varieties of pop that Nacho brought to the party on Sunday, Feb. 22. He swore there were going to be leftovers, and had a box to take the leftovers home. There were no leftovers. These pop varieties and many, many others like them can be found at Pop Soda in Scottsdale, though it might be a bit of a drive if you don’t live in the greater Phoenix metro area.

I spent Tuesday running errands and packing my suitcase. And I saw that my Fed income tax refund has finally made it to my checking account, which is always a good thing.

UPDATE: Trivia: I got almost all the way to the pub, and had to turn around and go back home since I’d forgotten my spare house key. We were again Trevor-less, since they’re giving him way too much work to do. They’re planning a trip to the Ren Faire, but don’t know whether it’ll be this weekend or next weekend. I stayed longer than I usually do, but still bailed at 10pm (darn this “getting up early” thing.)