No picture.  Not really enough time to put one in, considering that my Net access is about to run out and I’d really rather not have to pay another $15 right now.

Thursday, we all spent most of the day walking around the north part of the Strip.  We walked through Treasure Island, a mall, and Circus Circus.  Karen stopped at the Sanrio store in the mall and bought some stuff for her daughter.  Apparently, they have a new Hello Kitty character that looks sort of like a pirate.  Arr, matey, we be merchandising cheap cutesy Japanese culture!  The exterior of Circus Circus looks pretty old; its large sign out front hasn’t been redone since the 1970s.  Inside, it’s very much like any other casino except for the trapeze act.

After that, we ate dinner and saw the volcano show at the Mirage.  That was sort of interesting, if only to see the flame projectors that all worked properly after being underwater for hours on end.  I wonder how they managed that.  Then we took the monorail down to the Luxor, where we gambled some more.  I played a penny slot machine for an hour on a $20, which was OK, then won $40 on video poker, then lost it all on another slot machine.  Oh well.