cat lying on floor, caption 'Coffee Cat has run out of buzz' Wednesday had a lot of stuff going on. I got to the airport, got on the plane, flew to Vegas. No problem there. I got there a bit earlier than I expected, but caught the shuttle bus to the hotel and called Brian up. I checked in (was worried that they wouldn’t let me, as checkin time is listed as 3pm) and put all my stuff in my room.

Then we spent a couple of hours eating lunch and catching up on what the heck we’d been doing. Brian and Karen got a penthouse room, which is huge and luxurious. It was also insanely expensive. I got a regular room, which is reasonably nice. We decided that the thing to do would be to rent a car and drive to Nellis Air Force Base in north Vegas, because active duty soldiers can get cheap tickets for various shows there. Even with car rental, we saved a fair amount of money on a few shows that way, even if we had to drive through a ton of construction on I-15.

We also stocked up on groceries there. A military base that’s large enough is essentially a small town in its own right, and has its own grocery stores, clothing stores, and Pizza Huts. This was something I didn’t know about.

Then we went back to the penthouse suite, and Brian and I talked about various computer related things while Karen called the family. Then we got dinner, and after learning that the Cirque du Soleil show was only 1.3 miles away from our hotel, we decided to walk there.

This was probably a mistake. That’s not a very long way to go, but Karen wasn’t wearing shoes that were comfortable for walking long distances. But the monorail doesn’t run all the way to New York New York, so we couldn’t take it, and nobody thought about the Deuce bus that runs all along the Strip. We got there 2 hours before showtime and got the tickets—that’s one of the only problems with getting these particular cheap tickets. We spent some time playing slot machines. I lost $5, then won $10. Brian became frustrated with the slots he was playing, and said that he didn’t want to gamble any more, just see shows, eat, drink, and shop. (Actually, that’s probably a good idea, since the house always wins. . . .)

After all that, we finally saw the “Zumanity” show. It combined acrobatics and dance routines with lowbrow physical sex comedy. Plus, it had a midget. It’s definitely worth seeing, but you will not enjoy it if you’re at all prudish. See something else if you can’t handle near-nudity and risqué sex jokes with your entertainment. There are 2 other Cirque du Soleil shows in Vegas right now, Ka and Mystère, and one of those would be a better choice if you’ve got kids or prudes in your party.

It was pretty late when the show finished.  We walked back to the hotel (more slowly, this time) though I’m going to suggest taking the bus next time.  I like walking, but I think $6 each is a small price to pay to avoid bickering about bad shoe choices.

So far, I haven’t had time to go war-walking for a free AP, and the hotel’s Net is $15/day (which is totally exorbitant.)  There may not be an entry for a few days because of this.  I’ll keep writing every day up on my laptop, and then doing a brain dump later when I can find Net that doesn’t cost a fortune.