two in the mornin' and the party's still jumpin' So Sunday, I had just about everybody over to my place for a party. The original plan was to have Rock Band, trivia, and lasagna, but for some reason, the trivia packets never showed up.

So we had Rock Band and food, which was really a pretty decent time. I’d made a lasagna, Nathan brought salad, Trevor brought wine, Zach and Sarah brought fruit salad, Kelli brought strawberry shortcake, Nacho and Luli brought an impressive assortment of pop, and Steve brought pie. So we ate, drank, talked of stuff that was going to happen next month, played a bunch of songs, and tried to make plans.

Apparently, they want to go to the AZ Renaissance Faire next Saturday. I’ll be in Vegas that Saturday. Oh well. I can go there by myself, though I’d hoped to be able to go with my friends since it’s more fun to go with a group. Fuzzball was really excited by the large number of people and meowed constantly for 2 hours before finally overloading and falling asleep on top of her cat condo.  Anyway, we also talked about .357 Mag lever-action carbines (those sound interesting and fun) and what to do in case of zombie attacks.  And Kelli said she’d watch Fuzzball while I’m in Vegas, which is nice of her.