fake motivational poster, dog sitting in tiny bed, caption 'Downsizing: everybody's doing it' Economic problems have even hit the canine sectors of society.

In other dog-related things, I spent part of my day off on Monday going to the Tempe Marketplace and watching “Slumdog Millionaire”. It was an interesting and partially multithreaded story, told with almost no irony, sarcasm, gratuitous pop-culture hipsterism, or obvious catch phrases. You find at least one of those things in just about every film that comes from the US/Europe, so I wonder if people like the film because it lacks those things. Or maybe they just like the story.

There was a Bollywood-ish music video dance number over the closing credits, though, which felt a bit surreal. I thought the soundtrack was quite good. One thing that audiences in the USA may not understand, though, is that Muslims in India face a certain amount of de facto discrimination in many things. (Jamal and Salim, the protagonist and his friend, are both Muslim.) This may be one of the reasons why both of them are on the margins of society or underemployed. Ah well. If you haven’t seen the movie, it’s definitely worth seeing, even worth full ticket price if you can’t catch a matinee.