Spent most of Sunday doing laundry, cooking, and my state taxes. I also found out that my e-filed federal tax return had been rejected since I had apparently entered a different PIN from the one that I had used to file my 2007 taxes. This didn’t make much sense, since I had written that down last year. The other thing that they’d accept for signature verification was the adjusted gross income declared in 2007, which I also had. I hope this works; their instructions on “how to file without signature verification” were written by someone who didn’t know English very well.

album cover from Frank Zappa's 'Cruising with Ruben and the Jets' Lagunitas Brewing released a new seasonal ale in honor of Frank Zappa’s “Cruising with Ruben and the Jets” album. However, they haven’t updated their website with information about the ale. It seems odd to me, but that brewery has released a few Zappa-related promotional beers in the past according to their site.

Almost everyone gets Feb. 16 off work. This is something I’ve never had at any of my previous jobs. I don’t know for sure what I’ll do with the day off, though there are plenty of options.