cat wearing collar, caption 'I made u a martini, but I drinked it' Caturday! Perfect day for a martini, right?

It’s 2009. The WWW has been around for about 17 years. The principles behind its operation have been publicly available for almost that long (RFC 1945, documenting the hypertext transfer protocol.) So why did one of my co-workers get a helpdesk ticket saying, in essence, “I posted some pictures on a web page. Other people have copied those pictures and are using them on other sites. Make them stop! WAAAAA!” All right, to display an image, a browser has to make a local copy of that image, at least in memory and usually on disk. Once that’s done, there’s no way to prevent that user from copying that image and doing whatever with it. “What the. . . This is stupid! I have a bunch of things to do, and I get a ticket about this crap?” he said.

Well, against stupidity and willful ignorance, the very gods themselves contend in vain. At least it was Friday, so we all went out for lunch. They’re having the NBA All-Star Game in downtown Phoenix on Sunday, so the streets were full of tour groups hoping to see some NBA players. Traffic was even worse than usual today as well, and the bus got me home about 15 minutes later than it usually does.