Phoenix school on lockdown, boom squat checking a suspicious deviceThis showed up Thursday on the local news station’s website, and shows that proofreading is really, really important. Whatever a “boom squat” is, you probably don’t want one in your school. Was Taco Bell involved? Burritos of some sort? Did any detonations take place? “Bomb squat” and “boom squad” are bad enough, but when you combine the two. . . yeah. Spell check is not enough.

That was about the funniest thing that I saw that day. The bus was on time, the weather’s reasonable, and I got some work done.  Also, at 16:31:30 Phoenix time on Friday, the Unix timestamp (seconds since 00:00 UTC Jan 1, 1970) will be 1234567890.  Some people are having minor celebrations, mostly because it’s silly.  That’s roughly when I leave work, though, so I’ll have a hard time doing that.