h4xx0r pigs, they always appearFor some reason, my virtual machine barfed last night, so this site was inaccessible for a while. I don’t know why it did this, but I’ve set up a cron job that’ll restart apache every 24 hours and, I hope, prevent that from happening again.

We all went out for lunch on Friday, as we usually do, which was a welcome break from the eat-at-your-desk routine. A lot of us have houses or condos, so we were a bit irritated when someone mentioned a rumor that people who bought houses in 2009 would receive a $15,000 tax credit. I approached buying my condo in an old-school way, though, getting 20% down, a fixed rate, and treating it as a place to live in for years rather than a disposable ATM.

Booked a hotel room for the Vegas trip later this month. It was a bit expensive, but what the heck. It’ll be worth it to see Brian and Karen again.